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                          A major irregular factors pulled down steel exports
                          1, domestic steel prices to accelerate the decline, facing pressure at home and abroad spreads widened European market prices of flat products, long steel exports will pressure due to the holy month of Ramadan is about to begin. U.S. sheet in a decline, the market price stabilizes. In addition. Sheet prices in early July, the U.S. steel mills have raised will support the formation of market prices, but the plate and long products prices continue to dip.Internal and external demand of the Asian market remains in the doldrums, steel mills generally cut, but no significant improvement in demand. Specific in terms of the domestic steel market, the recent steel price again after a brief rebound into a pattern of accelerated decline, leading domestic and international spread widening. As of the end of July, the domestic steel prices monthly decline of 7.7%, much larger than the decline in international steel prices (3.3%). Overall, the domestic and international steel market will remain vulnerable to run, spread abroad or will remain for some time.
                          2, the steel production and steel exports continued low proportion July steel export ratio, decreased 0.9 percent decline for two consecutive months since June, mainly caused by the decline in domestic steel production. China Steel Association statistics show that in the first half of this year, the Steel Association Member iron and steel enterprises realized a total profit of only 2.385 billion yuan, up by a substantial decrease of 54.549 billion yuan, a decrease of 95.81%. Since January this year, since the loss of the whole industry, the steel industry in June once again caught in the situation of the industry-wide losses. After deducting non-steel business, even if corporate earnings, most of the main steel business still losses. Market the price continued Yindie Forced steel mills cut maintenance from the Bureau of Statistics announced in July this year, steel production, although the chain fell 3.9%, but the magnitude is still small, steel production efforts. Combined steel new capacity release this year, steel production still rose by 7.3% year-on-year. Even limited efforts to cut domestic steel mills, steel production is still decline in the yield decline in the proportion of crude steel exports fall. Demand both at home and abroad at the continued downturn trend, the majority of the world's steel prices in the second quarter into a loss situation, the steel mills in order to reduce the degree of loss internally to reduce steel production, foreign exports of steel products also will be reduced. If the latter part of the domestic steel production continued to decline, the proportion of exports of steel or the continuation of a lower level.
                          3, the main exporter of steel capacity expansion impact of China's steel exports to steel exports in the first half of last year, the region accounted contrast this year, in addition to exports to South Korea and India, the proportion dropped both the proportion of the rest of the major exporting regions rose, 2012 South Korea and India, the domestic steel capacity expansion is a major factor in the decline in steel exports accounted for. Since the beginning of this year, even though South Korea still holds the status of China's first export country, but the proportion of exports has been less than 20%. Steel production capacity in South Korea and India, rapid growth has been the gradual impact of the Asian market, especially in China. In the context of the global economic downturn, the main export capacity expansion in China's steel exports constraints are gradually revealed, exports accounted for the downward trend has formed.